Frequently Asked Questions


How Long is the Guarantee on Matki Products?

Matki shower surrounds and shower trays are covered by a 10-year guarantee against parts failure, with the initial two-year period also having labour cost cover.


Which Cleaning Products Can be Used?

Using a squeegee and cleaning with a soft micro cloth after showering will keep the glass and frames looking new.


Can Spare Parts be Obtained?

Spare parts can be ordered through your Supplier...


How Should the Tray be Installed?

It is important that the tray is installed absolutely level as that will make it easier to install and adjust the shower door or shower surround.


What is the Advantage of the Thermostatic Mixer?


What Thickness of Tile or Wall Cover is Suitable?

We recommend up to 10mm.


Do Matki Produce a Low Profile Shower Tray?

Yes, Matki Shower Trays and Shower Floors are available from 20mm high.


Is Matki Available Outside the UK?

Yes Matki products can be shipped to anywhere in the world!


Water Softeners and Glass Guard

Certain types of water softeners increase the alkalinity of the water due to carry-over of chloride during re-generation which can cause aggressive water spots on both untreated and Glass Guarded glass. More

Are Matki Products CE Tested?

All Matki shower enclosures are trays EC Declaration of Performance tested and CE Certified. More