Modern Elegance

Lisa Melvin Design worked closely with Architect Simone Mattoso Antuneson to specify eight Bathrooms within this luxurious home in South East England.

A calming, contemporary style has been created, using gleaming white, bright Chrome and elegant lines; simple design motifs extend throughout the bathrooms inspiring synergy, visible in the shapes and profiles of the fixtures and fittings. Subtle twists of colour and materials enliven the theme, characterising each of the distinct spaces as places to energise, relax or indulge.

The highest specification of product has been selected, balancing the look, feel and function.

For this neater family bathroom, a 900 x 900 Matki EauZone Plus Quintesse proportions a luxurious showering area. The statuesque 10mm glass, defined pentagonal shape and attractive bevelled glass edges complement the distinctive white subway tiling perfectly.

In the Master Ensuite Bathroom, an EauZone Plus Bespoke Wet Room Panel with Ceiling Brace Bar creates a large open Wet Room area. The Panel has a slim wall profile and a simple brace bar, zoning the showering area in a minimalist style. A sensory lighting scheme and refined natural surfaces have a glamorous yet comfortable appeal, ideal for unwinding.

In each of the Showers, a recessed shelf has been built – a small touch of luxury by way of practical convenience.

Providing the ease of a Shower as well as a relaxing Bath was essential for this family bathroom, the EauZone Plus Double Panel Bath Screen provides the perfect solution, available to order with either inward or outward opening – the panel can be cleverly stowed away during bathing. A high quality seal also ensures effective splash protection.

Making use of space in the most luxurious way, the EauZone Plus Slider has a stunning presence. Solid 10mm glass runs along a high grade Stainless Steel top track, with intricately shaped inner tracks and soft closure mechanisms, ensuring a Sliding Door which will function perfectly for years to come.

Lisa Melvin Design forms part of The Gallery Showroom in Rugby, offering expert design, planning and project management primarily for the Kitchen and Bathroom. Both Lisa Melvin Design and The Gallery Showroom are Matki EauZone Plus Ultra Bespoke Dealers, experienced at working with some of the most tailored specifications.

Photo Credit: Marek Sikora