EauZone Plus 10mm Wet Room Panel with Hinge Panel and Integrated Tray

A luxurious Wet Room Panel solution complete with Hinge Panel, for added flexibility and protection against splash and spray with a discreet watertight sealing system.

This model also features a stone resin, acrylic capped integrated Shower Tray meaning no silicone is required along the base of the panel. It is also available without an Integrated tray for installation on tiles or Wet Room Floor.

For Finishes on Hinges, Brackets and Details see Design Options below. For Frame Finishes see Bespoke.


  • 10mm solid Safety Glass (EN12150-1)
  • Chrome finish as standard
  • High quality solid Brass Fittings and high-lustre Aluminium Wall Mount
  • Featuring a special glass sealing system
  • Complete with an integrated Shower Tray for a frameless appearance and watertight seal
  • Tested beyond CE requirements
  • Matki 10-year Guarantee
  • Matki Glass Guard Easy Clean Protection included
  • Brushed Gold finish available with Bespoke Minimal, Recessed and No Frame options only

Design Options

  • finishes
  • glass finishes

Silver/Chrome - as standard

Polished Nickel

Brushed Nickel


Standard Clear

Bronze Tinted

Green Tinted

Blue Tinted

Black Tinted



Ultra Black

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