Care & Maintenance


Matki Glass Guard is a nano-coating which allows water to form minute beads which easily trickle off the surface of the glass. 

This makes the glass easier to clean and minimises the need for cleaning detergents.

The lifespan of the Matki Glass Guard is dependent on the frequency of use of the shower, degree of water hardness and how well the glass is looked after. 

Matki Glass Guard is guaranteed for 2 years provided cleaning and maintenance guidelines have been properly followed. 


Certain types of water softeners increase the alkalinity of the water due to a carry-over of Chloride during re-generation which can cause aggressive water spots on both untreated and Glass Guarded glass. If using a water softener we recommend a two-cylinder machine with automatic re-generation instead of a timer. If a single-cylinder water softener with timer is already installed it is recommended that after each shower excess water is removed from the glass with a squeegee or with a micro-fibre cloth.


We recommend the following cleaning methods to keep your Matki product looking its best and performing at its optimum level. 


Wash down the inside of the glass with clean water, wipe away any water droplets with a squeegee or cloth, then dry the glass with a soft, clean micro-fibre cloth.

Check the ingredients label of any Shower Glass Cleaner very carefully. Avoid the following as their use may damage your product and invalidate your Matki Guarantee:


For all metal parts we recommend using a soft micro-fibre cloth and warm, soapy water to clean off any marks then drying with another micro-fibre cloth.

For Brass, Brushed Brass and Aged Brass finishes in Classica, this should be followed with a gentle application of beeswax to maintain the finish.

Please avoid using the following as they may damage your product and invalidate your Matki Guarantee:



Keeping your Matki product clean in accordance with the recommended cleaning guidelines is the best way to maintain its high performance. 

We do recommend that moving parts, especially hinges, are checked annually, at the very least, to ensure they are clean, correctly positioned and operating smoothly. 

Hinges should be lubricated from time to time with a light application of silicon spray which will remove dust build-up and aid the movement of the hinge. 

If you have any concerns about the operation of your product, please contact our Customer Services team for advice.