EauZone Plus Radius-20 Wet Room Panel

A new style of Wet Room Panel. Unparalleled, distinctive and completely unique.

Engineered from a single sheet of 10mm glass expertly curved to achieve a softened edge with a tight 20mm inner radius, the EauZone Plus Radius-20 Wet Room Panel is both contemporary and practical; offering a return for extra splash protection, whilst avoiding the need for UV bonds and aluminium corner profiles.

  • 10mm solid Safety Glass
  • Chrome and Mirror Polished finish as standard
  • High quality solid Brass L-Bracket and Stainless Steel Wall Mount
  • Tested beyond CE requirements Matki 10-year Guarantee
  • Matki Glass Guard Easy Clean Protection included


Finish Options

Silver/Chrome - as standard

Polished Nickel


Brushed Steel

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